video and sound: 4:02 mn

Water Tower Art Fest (Sofia, Bulgaria) 2013
Galerie La Vielle Poste (Larroque, France) 2013


Aegis is a video and sound work made in four countries and in no less than twenty different locations. Through mountains, forests, springs
and seas, places of worship where remain our origins, Aegis explores symbolic and ritualistic approaches, where communion with our
environment are revealed through sounds and gestures, sensitive and mystical vocabulary which propose the viewer a journey through a
world that was, one day, protected against men.

The concept of protection through artefact, symbols and rituals, seems as old as the world in which we're living in.
Human and half animal figures. Representations and deities as receptacles of our origins. A need to name them. Comforting images of
an original world without borders ... before the arrival of man.

While believing in our roots and origins, through our own aesthetic codes and a world we've fragmented, shouldn't we question the core
value of these areas we're trying to protect?

Why is that we're feeling depositary of a piece of land rather than the whole world? Or why trying to conquer the world when a we have
fragmented it?

Which universal value should we claim when our world is heading to globalization but we're trying to maintain our cultural identities?
When trying to protect, even temporarily, our cultural and environmental areas, aren't we mixing up individuality and belonging? Aren't we
forgetting our common origin?

Are we lost? Are we trying to protect us from ourselves?