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" Blending a healthy mixture of dark ambiance, careful instrumentation, and tightly-wound folk, 3 Little Rocks breathes a little life into the “neo-folk” style with a focus on composition rather than just pure atmosphere. This isn’t to say that the atmosphere here suffers; however, on the flip side, a lot of the qualms I’ve had with my previous forays into the world of neo-folk are based primarily, if not solely in some cases, on mid-pace acoustic guitar strumming and a forced-bassy voice yowling on top of the same chords over and over.

Climbing the Tree slips in and out of related genres with extreme ease, softly touching on various post-*insertgenre* inflections, vocals hovering on the edge of unsettling, trading off between actual singing and reversed and choppily quivering notes. The track “Beautiful” breaks into a completely different boundary with a subdued & mechanical drum machine beat, extremely modulated & manic vocals, and an air-raid siren slicing through everything.

Not to get stuck on the “neo-folk” note, the artist describes the music as “ambiant electro acoustic”, and with its forways into a distant, almost musique concrète atmosphere, well-deep vocals, foreign, skittering beats, and atonal guitar / bass lines, that’s a comfortable enough description for me. The second half of the album seems to embrace the odd song structure and outlandish approach a little more thoroughly, and the songs get more and more involved and focused.

In short, this is a very weird, very intimate little album, and as one of three on the artist’s Soundcloud page, it’s only the beginning of a strange & lovely journey. "


April 2013

yohann walter, music, 2005, electro, acoustic, ambiant    

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