Dorset Street, video game, 2d, platformer, Yohann Walter, Mael Gonzalez, indi game, A4 Sounds

"Think life in Dublin doesn't feel quite real sometimes? Between crazy rents and some gas characters, sometimes you come home with the kind of stories that are straight out of fantasy.

Now though, you actually can turn your life into Dublin into a game" LovinDublin - Feb 2018

Screen Shot 2018 02 06 At 19 48 42

You chat to your dodgy landlord and try complete tasks to convince him not to raise the rent...

  Screen Shot 2018 02 06 At 19 51 09

You collect discarded glass bottles and throw them at seagulls!


Screen Shot 2018 02 06 At 17 59 13

And you even "escape the Apocalypse" and try avoid burning fireballs and eh, a giant T-Rex

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DORSET is a 2d video game essay taking place in North Dublin. Using the street as a playground and virtual environment, the art work approaches social issues through a humoristic yet creative angle. Video games are as integral part of our contemporary culture as news, movies, and social media. If not even more. DORSET invites the visitor/player to experience the video game as a narrative vector to express, raise and catalyse societal concerns.

Concept: Yohann Walter
Programmation: Mael Gonzalez
Art & Music: Yohann Walter
Engine: Unity